Hi Everyone!

One month has passed and the community garden is flourishing. We have had drought restrictions in my hometown since July 1, 2010. That means there is not enough water in the local reservoirs to keep up with the demands of people. During a drought restriction, local citizens are not allowed to waste water.

Sometimes, people can be careless with water. They may water their lawn even after a sloppy rainfall. They may wash their car everyday of the week. Humans waste water in many ways. Since our bodies, our plants and Earth need water to survive, conservation is important.

That is why we do our best to use as little water as possible. We use the dishwasher only when it is full of dirty dishes. We wash our clothes only when there is a big dirty pile. We shut off the bathroom faucet while we brush our teeth. All these little actions go a long way in water conservation.

Luckily, the drought restrictions do not apply to food bearing gardens. I have pictures of our growing community garden. And pictures of new plants Dave decided to sow.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and enjoy the thrill of watching how the garden changes as it grows.


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