September Starts the Shrinking Garden

Our herbs and vegetables bloom and grow for one season. The very last week in August, before school started, I had two visitors-Miss Ellen and her son, Jesse.  Hi Jesse!

Miss Ellen wanted to see the community garden.  Jesse came outside with us too.  He ran straight for the cheery tomato plants.  “Mom, look at the tomatoes.  Can we pick them?”

“Sure,” I answered.  I told Jesse where to find the harvesting basket inside the house. 

Harvesting Basket

In just a few seconds, Jesse and Miss Ellen were picking tomatoes and zucchini. When Jesse handed me the half-full basket I said, “Jesse this is a community garden.  If you pick the vegetables then you can keep them.”

His big brown eyes lit up.  “Can I eat some now?”

Miss Ellen nodded in approval and Jesse popped five or six cherry tomatoes in his mouth one right after the other.  We transferred the vegetables into a paper bag for them to take home. 

I wished Dave had been there to see the wondrous look on Jesse’s face as he harvested, ate and proudly walked off with his very own hand-picked bag of produce.  

Days later September had arrived and I saw Dave taking a break from working in the garden. 

Dave cares for the garden. He works hard!

I went outside with my camera and shared the story of Miss Ellen and Jesse. Dave smiled and said, “That’s what the garden is for!  But now that September is here, it is time to till.”

Dave returned to his garden work.  He sparked the engine of his trusty rototill to turn over the non-growing vegetables.

Dave's Rototill

Dave's Rotoill churns up the garden

In September our garden shrinks.  When the plants stop growing, Dave plows the garden.  Some plants continue to thrive in the month of September like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.  

Keeping the tomato plants

Green peppers grow in September!

After Dave’s work is done, our community garden looks much different, much smaller.

After the Rototill, the garden shrinks.

If we had a community garden for an autumn harvest, we would have planted beets, cabbage, squash, okra and pumpkins several weeks ago. If we had enough room in the backyard, we might even consider planting apples trees for an autumn harvest!

Those are just a few of the fruits and vegetables New Jersey can reap during the Fall season.  

Do you know the State of New Jersey is also called ‘The Garden State?’

Pretty cool, huh?

Come back in October and see what other changes our community garden offers.  And what other surprises might be in store for you!

Have a fun September!


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  1. 1

    Pat said,

    Indeed it does shrink! I wish I had someone to rototill our garden where the weeds all grow. Maybe I could ask Steve…if he wasn’t always to very, very busy.

    Say “Hi!” to Dave for me!

    • 2

      Hi Pat! You’re the best! And so is Dave 🙂 He always seems to know exactly what to do without me even having to ask 😉 He’s a special man and I will tell him you said, “Hi.”
      Thanks for posting and I’d say, ask Steve to help rototill-can’t hurt to ask.
      Love you!

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