Happy January, Happy Snow!

Winter has arrived to our community garden.  The snow storm surprised everyone with over two feet of snow. So what did our community garden and backyard look like under two feet of snow?

White.  Very white!

Do you recognize these from the summer time?

Yes, those are the tomato vine stands!

What do these look like they might be?

Yes, these are our two outside chairs buried under snow.  I will not be sitting outside to sip hot chocolate.  Would you?

Remember in the first blog I talked about how much Dave loved his machines? In the winter, he has a snow blower.  The snow blower moves the snow to create a pathway.

The sidewalks must be cleared for the children walking to school after their snow day is over. The letter carrier needs a clear path to trek along to deliver the mail.  We all need to have a clear path to go inside and outside our houses. 

Dave works hard to maneuver the machine in the cold, windy weather.   We are lucky because Dave is a kind man and he uses his snow blower to clear paths for us and for other neighbors too.

Dave is the best neighbor is the universe!

Thank you, Dave!

And thanks to all of you for stopping by after the blizzard to see the community garden in winter.  Until February, stay warm!


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