My name is Victoria Kaloss.  I am a children’s story writer and poet. 

I love Mother Nature and photography.

I enjoy learning about different cultures and learning about people and listening to the stories they have to share.

I also live with a disability.  My disability stops me from doing – absolutely nothing!  Except running, jumping, kneeling, and touching the ground with my fingertips and–

Hold on a second- I run, jump, kneel and play in the dirt in my imagination all the time.  So they don’t count either 🙂

I’m hoping you will join me on my Blog and I am hoping to bring some fun, adventure and new ideas. 

That about sums me up. But wait –

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment in the “Comment” box~~~~ only if you want to 🙂


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  1. 1

    Michele said,

    I knew someone by the same name years ago, and she was an amazing person, with such zest for life. could you be that person from long ago…..(hint) our last names are almost spelled the same.

    • 2

      Vikki Bakus said,

      And we almost had the typing teacher convinced we were cousins because Ellis Island printed our names differently? That Michele?

  2. 3

    Michele said,

    I can’t remember that far back! I do remember going Horseback riding together and you falling off into a big pile of ?

  3. 4

    Michele said,

    Do you still live in the same area?

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